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MECCANICA CENTER can manufacture various types of wheels that are ideal for any kind of application; with diameters varying from 250 to 1050 mm.
It can also supply: just part of an assembly, e.g. angled supports, wheel units, shafts etc. Angled supports are designed to meet DIN and FEM standards depending on the customer’s requirements. It can, in any case manufacture to the
customer’s specific engineering.
the choice of material has been made to meet the following quality requirements:
Wheel body 42CrMo4 complies with uNI EN 10250-3, heat-treated and
hardened with hardness up to 42-47 HRC;
Axles 39NiCrMo3 comply to uNI EN 10023/1;
Supports and covers S275JR, S355JR and/or s275 JR;
Particular importance has been given to hardening which is specifically designed to increase the durability of the wheel.
At the end of the heat-treatment session, one of the following non-destructive tests must be carried out:
100% ut test on the tread;
100% Mt test on the tread.

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