Automatic slab tong

M.M. fibreglass gratings and structures can be used in all manufacturing industries characterized by the presence of corrosive environments or particular weather patterns such as high humidity levels. M.M. products are widely used in the textile industry and especially in dyeing and printing work areas as well as in laboratories specializing in stain removal, cleaning and re-dyeing of clothes. M.M. products are also used in the leather industry and especially in the plants treating wastewater from leather processing. M.M. products are particularly suited for use in paper mills, characterized by the presence of water and chemicals. The line of high chemical resistance gratings by M.M. is ideal for installations in chemically aggressive environments. The gratings can be used for walking surfaces, gangways, ladders and enclosures. To guarantee maximum safety for operators, M.M. gratings are manufactured according to the DIN 24537-3  standard and supplied in a slip resistant version according to the DIN 51130 standard. Elevated walkways with micromesh (or “heel proof”) gratings are constructed according to the most stringent EU regulations. FRP parapets complement the range of products. All M.M. products are manufactured according to UNI EN ISO 14122 – 1,2,3,4, standards and Legislative Decree 81/2008 on safety in the workplace.



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