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M.M. has been dealing in the FRP ( or GRP ) fiberglass reinforced plastic industry for forty years by producing gratings, profiles and structures of high quality. The intrinsic properties of FRP - GRP (e.g. resistance to corrosion, non-magnetism, electric insulation, maintenance free) enables great application possibilities.


The FRP - GRP is a composite material obtained by the union of glass fibres and polyester resins. These two components lend different properties to the material: glass fibres, being the structural part, give high mechanical resistance, while polyester resins, chemically resistant, tie the fibres together thus enabling the stress distribution.


M.M. gratings and structures are manufactured with original and patented technologies, mainly based respectively on injection moulding (RTM) and on pultrusion.


Unlike traditional materials, FRP ( GRP ) sums all the following properties:

           • high resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents
           • high mechanic/weight ratio
           • no softening to heath
           • lightness
           • dimensional stability
           • high dielectric properties.

Something in particular is worth of attention: M.M. products do not need maintenance – the related costs are therefore null and products are therefore very convenient.


M.M. gratings and products are provided in different kinds of resins and glass fibres. 

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