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Automatic slab tong

Compodeck is a revolutionary product featuring the usual characteristics of composites but with a higher degree of fire resistance compared to other composites. It is designed specifically to meet the high technical standards and safety requirements which are set by the U.S. Coast Guard. Compodeck is specifically designed for the shipbuilding sector. This product has passed fire and structural integrity tests after 60 minutes of fire exposure and it was ranked level L1 according to the U.S. Coast Guard PFM 2-98 file memorandum; it can also be used when levels L2 and L3 are required. It can be used for walking surfaces in fire escape routes and fire areas. It can be supplied in a conductive - antistatic / dissipative version so as to prevent static build-up for installations in hazardous areas (oil tanker and gas carrier). In the acrylic resin version it is suitable for use in the engine room or other enclosed spaces.

IFR   Version    Basic version for use in escape routes and fire areas
CFR Version  It is conductive and can also be used in hazardous areas because it does not accumulate static electricity
AFR Version  Made of acrylic resin, it can be used in engine rooms or other enclosed spaces

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