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Automatic slab tong
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M.M. fibreglass gratings and structures and their related accessories have many uses in the food industry as they represent an excellent alternative to STAINLESS steel. Thanks to their resistance to cleaning agents, M.M. gratings facilitate cleaning of areas dedicated to food processing. The high resistance to corrosion of these gratings makes them suitable for applications in contact with chemicals, ensures their durability and allows to completely eliminate maintenance costs. M.M. gratings do not contain any heavy metals and hence they are especially suited for use in environments where cleaning is performed, as they do not release hazardous substances. Their typical resistance to humidity, low temperatures and sudden changes in temperature makes M.M. products suitable for use in the food industry, especially when food processing occurs under special environmental conditions. M.M. products can be used for walking surfaces, gangways, parapets, ladders (inclined and vertical) and enclosures. In order to ensure maximum safety for operators, M.M. gratings are manufactured according to the DIN 24537-3 standard and supplied in a slip resistant version according to the DIN 51130 standard, while elevated walkways can be constructed using micromesh (or “heel proof”) gratings in compliance with the most stringent EU regulations. All M.M. products are manufactured according to UNI EN ISO 14122 – 1,2,3,4, standards and Legislative Decree 81/2008 on safety in the workplace.



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