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M.M. fibreglass gratings and products and their related accessories suit applications in the mineral, oil and natural gas extraction industry. Thanks to their resistance to corrosion, humidity, low temperatures, sudden changes in temperature, M.M. products are suitable for installations in environments with extreme weather conditions. The line of high chemical resistance gratings by M.M. is ideal for installations in chemically aggressive environments. In order to guarantee maximum safety, M.M. gratings feature excellent flame resistance in compliance with EN13501, ASTM E84, ASTM D635, DIN 4102 and NFP 92-507 standards. Conductive and antistatic/dissipative gratings are also available for installations in hazardous areas (ATEX areas), where they prevent static build-up. M.M. products can be used for walking surfaces, gangways (with micromesh or “heel resistant” gratings), ladders (inclined and vertical) and enclosures. Parapets complement the range of products. To ensure maximum operators’ safety, M.M. gratings are manufactured according to the DIN 24537 – 3 standard and supplied in a slip resistant version according to the DIN 51130 standard. Elevated walking surfaces are constructed according to the most stringent EU standards. All M.M. products are manufactured according to UNI EN ISO 14122 – 1,2,3,4, standards and Legislative Decree 81/2008 on safety in the workplace.


Case history - Natural gas extraction site

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