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Zetko-DKV Technik (India) Pvt. Ltd. together with Zetko Technologies LLC USA  (formerly ZETKO MACHINENBAU GmbH, Germany) manufactures and supplies:

  • Telescopic Boom, De-Bricking Machine,

  • Exclusive tapo hole rennewal machines for converter

  • EAF-EBT demolition and renewal machine

  • Machine for ladle / converter mouth jam cleaning, refractory demolition and complete demolition of ladle and converter

  • Multipurpose refractory demolition machine for de-bricking and tap hole drilling operation

  • Robotic demolition machine

  • Slag raking machine

  • Stationary EBT machine

  • Pneumatic and hydraulic hammer / breakers & many other attachments for multiple operation

  • Blast furnace hearth cleaning machine

  • Torpedo ladle mouth jam cleaning, refractory demolition and complete demolition machine

  • Refractory wrecking machines for non ferrous metal production plants

for all standard wheel-base or tracked hydraulic excavators.


Zetko machines are based on the renowned "Zimmermann-design-center" in Germany, which has been used throughout the world for over 25 years.


Zetko machines are for quality sale and not quantity.

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