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Over the years, VERPELLI & C. has improved it's know-how in the production and manufacturing of EQUIPMENT AND ACCESSORIES FOR LIFTING AND HANDLING OF HEAVY LOADS, especially:

  • SPECIAL LIFTING BEAMS and EQUIPMENT (Design and manufacture of lifting machinery such as Lifting Beams, Spreaders, Special Hooks, and more…) 


    • Lifting Wire Ropes 114 Wires – Fiber Core or Steel Core

    • Lifting Wire Ropes 222 Wires – Fiber Core or Steel Core

    • Lifting Wire Ropes 216 Wires, High Resistance – Compacted Strands

    • Special Lifting Wire Ropes 8 Compacted Strands High Breaking Load

    • Special Non-Rotating Wire Ropes Ungalvanized and Galvanized Steel

    • Special Non-Rotating Wire Ropes Ungalvanized and Galvanized Steel TK12K – 133K

    • Galvanized Wire Ropes for standard use

    • Lifting Wire Ropes Inox AISI 316

  • WIRE ROPE SLINGS, equipped at the ends with specific fittings for their coupling to crane hooks, loads to be lifted or accessories. Usually, these fittings are eye loops made from:

    • Flat, cylindrical or truncated-cone shaped aluminum sleeves.

    • Rejuvenated eye webbing, weaved strands plus sleeve closing the eye loop.

    • Hand-made slicing, strands weaved to UNI ISO 8794 standard, eye loop without sleeves.

    • Thimbles, i.e. galvanized iron protections inserted in the eye loop to protect the cable from chafing against hooks, shackles, etc.


  • CHAINS and CHAINS SLINGS. We provide various types of chains and accessories GR8 and GR10:

    • GR8/GR10 Chains from Diameter 6 To Diameter 36

    • GR8/GR10 Chain Accessories

    • Standard Chain Slings With 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 Legs

    • Master Links

    • Connecting Links

    • Safety Hook

    • Spare Parts

    • Standard Hook

    • Foundry Hook

    • “S” Hook

    • Grab Hook

    • Ratchet Loadbinders



Products are both CUSTOMIZED and STANDARD (according to need and scope of supply).

Here are some of the application fields of VERPELLI products:

  • Steel Industry

  • Chemical Industry

  • Commercial Harbors

  • Marine Industry

  • Refinery


Located in Melzo province of Milan, on a fully covered surface of approx. 1300 mt 2 , the company has a stock of wires and accessories able to satisfy any customers' request, for both new and already existing plants (cranes, motor cranes, overhead cranes, etc.).

VERPELLI provides to his customers the following services:

  • Qualified technical assistance available in short time

  • Test-bench UP TO 150 TONS for testing ropes and fittings

  • Magnetoscopic, ultrasound and penetrant exams, carried out directly on-site or by a qualified authority


VERPELLI working methods are certified quality assurance system in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

If necessary, our supplies may be subject to inspection by public or private authorities such as FFSS, ENEL, RINA, LLOYD’S, REGISTER, D.N.V. , etc.

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