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Automatic slab tong

The automatic tong is able to lift either one or several slabs simultaneously.

The hook mechanism consists of a cast iron housing with a firm latch pin and it is engineered to mesh with a catch thus allowing the tong to open and close.


The Hydraulic Operated Slab Tong from Heppenstall Technology is able to lift either one or several slabs simultaneously.

The lifting arms are pre-positioned before the lowering the tong onto the slab until the base of the tong contacts the surface of the slab. At this point the hydraulic system for closing the lever is actuated again. 

After transferring the slabs to their destination and placing them on a solid surface, the lifting arms can be hydraulically retracted allowing a 5 to 10 cm clearance.

The horizontal coil tong is designed to handle coils in the horizontal position for ship loading.

Tongs are robustly engineered for heavy duty application to meet the severe demand of at harbours.

The gripping pads or shoes can be easily removed for maintenance, repair or replacement.

The Motorized Sheet Lifter from Heppenstall Technology is designed to handle sheet packs in flat position.

To lift sheet packs the lifting legs are moved out sufficiently to clear the pack to be lifted. Then the sheet lifter is lowered over the sheet pack until the lifting angles can grip under the pack.

The lifting arms can be closed until they move against the sides of the sheet. To unload the lifter the operator must simply reverse the process.

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