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Special Cranes - High Capacity

Vinati designs and manufactures overhead cranes with high capacity (over 50 tons) usually employed in:

  • steelworks

  • forges

  • foundries

  • handling coils

  • power, hydroelectric and thermal plants

  • shipbuilding

  • prefabricated and tiles factories

  • marble industry


Each high capacity crane is designed and developed according to the customer's specifications, using the most advanced design systems and stringent quality verification procedures for each phase of implementation. The high capacity cranes can be equipped with hoists or winches developed and manufactured by the company, along with the best technologies such as the sideways anti-roll and anti-sway system, Acubo.


Loadfrom 50 to 250ton (winch or hoist)

Spanfrom 40m and above


Other features

  • lifting speed from 0,3 to 20m/min

  • speed of trolley sliding from 2 to 32m/min

  • speed of bridge sliding from 5 to 80m/min

Special production as projected

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