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slab scarfing placa
Machini pentru taierea
Saldotecnica Europe
Manual emergency cutting torches
Iron powder injection system
Heating, welding and oxy-cutting manual
Cutting nozzles
CNC heavy thickness cutting machines and

Saldotecnica Europe is an Italian company born on 1946, certified ISO 9000 and specialized in steel mill technologies. Our core business is design, manufacturing and installation of machines, spares and services for Meltshops and Rolling Mills. 

Core of our products is the following :
1. Oxygen Torch Cutting Machines (TCM) to be installed in the Continuous Casting Machine (existing or new) for billets, blooms, beam blanks   and slabs
2. Oxy-Cutting machines to cut/divide slabs before Rolling Mill
3. Oxy-Cutting machines for flat slab in the Rolling Mills
4. Deburring machines (with oxygen or knives) for billets, blooms, beam blanks, pipes and slabs
5. Cold/Hot scarfing machines for billets, blooms, beam blanks, pipes and slabs
6. Grinding machines for billets, blooms, beam blanks, pipes and slabs

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