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General features

The PGT bending machine and the LFP binding machine can be used together as required in a fully automated production cycle to bend and fasten bundles of round bars (with a maximum weight of 300 kg).

The PGT bending machine receives the molten bars that will form the bundle for the rolling plant and clamps the material using a hook fixed on a chain operated by a gear motor. After conveyor operations, four levers controlled by cylinders implement the final bending operation.

The LFP binding machine has three wire-guide which take the bundle from the bending machine, and two binding heads which bind the ends of the bent bundle when being moved towards the unloading position.

A hydraulic unit provides the power to operate the hydraulic actuators for the binding cycle and movement is controlled by two gear motors. The machine cycle is fully automatic and managed by the PLC.

The bundle unloading positions have special collection containers or systems for shaping and moving the master bundle.

The electrical, electronic and hydraulic components used to construct the machines come from leading international manufacturers.

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