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BINDING MACHINES for round bundles


General features

This category of machines is designed for binding large bundles of round bars in a fixed position with a single tight turn, double tight turn and double loose turn of wire rod.

The machine base and structure are made of electro-welded structural steelwork and its compact shape makes it vibration-free.

The carriage travels along runners made of special steel on wheels with bearings, and the various units operate via hydraulic actuators controlled by electronic valves and a hydraulic unit.

The electrical, electronic and hydraulic components used to construct the binding machines come from leading international manufacturers.


  • standard wire basket (coil wire dispenser)

  • motorised wire basket (coil wire dispenser with motorised wire rod recovery system)

  • hydraulic bundle tightener (improves bundle shape)

  • pneumatic knot press (presses the binding knot adapting it to the bundle)

  • motorised carriage for forwards/backwards extraction (simplifies off-line maintenance)

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