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General features

This category of machines is designed to wrap medium-size coils up to a height of 1.8 m, which are pressed first of all to make them less bulky, and then fastened using a traditional knot positioned on top of the coils.

In this vertical version the coils can be moved with a motorised roller pallet system or chains conveyor.

When the coil reaches the binding position an upper pressing plate is lowered and presses the coil against a lower fixed table.

The four binding units are positioned on the coil and complete the binding cycle. Once this has been completed the pressing plate and the 4 heads move away, releasing the coil and enabling the conveyor system to proceed with moving the bound reel.

When plants do not require a high-speed production cycle, the machine can also be equipped with just 2 binding heads with a 90° coil rotation system, with the application of the 4 binding steps in 2 time periods.

The structure of the coil press consists of several units constructed with sturdy electro-welded steel sheets.

All structural welds undergo thermal stress relief treatment and are then sandblasted to make the surface suitable for painting.

The carriages travel along runners made of special steel on wheels with bearings.

All mechanical components in contact with the binding wire are made of special hard-wearing steel and undergo thermal treatment suited to their use.

The various features operate via hydraulic actuators, which are controlled by electronic valves and a hydraulic unit.

The electrical and electronic control and management devices are made with components from leading international manufacturers to ensure maximum product reliability.

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