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BINDING MACHINES for small bundles


General features

This category of machines is designed for binding small and medium-size packs with a single tight turn of 3 or 4-mm annealed wire.

This hydraulic version of the LFF binding machine has been designed for application in a set of two or more units for wrapping sub bundles.

The machine is configured on the basis of the production environment where it will be inserted, using customised solutions.

As an alternative to the full standard structure, the machine can be provided with fixing plates to enable assembly in a fixed position or on runways and support frames, depending on customer requirements.


  • standard wire basket (coil wire dispenser)

  • hydraulic bundle tightener (improves bundle shape)

  • pneumatic knot press (presses the binding knot adapting it to the bundle)

  • motorised carriage for forwards/backwards extraction (simplifies off-line maintenance)

  • motorised carriage for side movement (enables binding span to be varied on modified or non-standard productions)

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