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Work safely and efficiently with
LENNIX® Pro – for Industrial Cranes


Areas of application

LENNIX® Pro for industrial cranes is a control and regulation system which enables cable operated cranes to position their loads quickly and to reduce the risk of collision. It independently eliminates the unavoidable oscillations that occur while the crane is in operation. It eases the crane operator’s job and supports inexperienced operators while facilitating the automatic positioning of the crane. The danger of collision is thus reduced because the load attachment device hangs steadily at the end of every crane transaction each time.

The control and regulation system in question is comparable with the procedure of an experienced crane operator having to take adequately timed countermeasures. The desired speeds that are set by the crane operator in the manual operation mode are controlled by acceleration and braking processes so that swaying movements that occur during operation and after stopping are automatically eliminated. This in turn enables a quick positioning of the load.

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