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Work safely and efficiently with LENNIX® Pro – Automation Solutions for Slewing Cranes


Sway movements of load are often provoked during operation of cranes. Swaying movements are also caused by external forces like wind or inclined hoist. These load sway movements may slow down the 
handling operation or cause collisions.  

LENNIX® Pro is a controller that eliminates load swaying by itself. The controller ensures rapid and safe crane handling operation, relieves the crane operator from stress and reduces the risk of collisions.  

LENNIX® Pro is used in single-jib cranes and double jib level luffing cranes. He controls two – slewing gear and luffing gear. 

LENNIX® Pro has been designed for manual and automatic control of cranes. The System may be adapted to geometric conditions of luffing gear. With the extra function „Tandem“ the system may be used for automatic tandem operation of slewing cranes.  


The speed pre-set by crane operator in manual control is influenced through acceleration and deceleration operations so that resultant load swaying movements during travel and at stop are eliminated automatically. Consequently, rapid and safe positioning is possible. 

The system in automatic operation uses the transmitted target position for calculation of the shortest way with the associated optimum speeds for all axes. Load swaying movement generated here is automatically eliminated in this case as well. The principle is comparable with due-time counter-steering actions taken by a well experienced crane operator.

LENNIX® Pro optional uses a high-resolution camera measuring system for exact position detection of the load handling attachment. One passive reflector suited for this application without voltage supply is fitted to one side of load handling attachment.

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