Material Handling

Stockyard plants machines:

Lateral reclaimers, bridge reclaimers, portal reclaimers, bucket wheel reclaimers, stackers, tripper cars, belt conveyors, shuttle conveyors

Port machines:

Shipunloaders , continuous shipunloaders, shiploaders, belt conveyors, tripper cars


Lifting machines:

quay cranes (hook or grab), container cranes, stacking cranes, RTG cranes, bridge cranes, special machines.

Metallurgy and Steel Industry


Iron making:

ore and coal stockyards, belt conveyors, piping, Fe-alloy plants.


Steel making:  

EAF, LF, continuous casting, pre-heating furnaces, hot mill leveller, roll changing system, hot mill shear


Processing lines:

machines and plants for pickling, coating and galvanising lines


Tanks, pressure vessels, pipe steam lines, piperacks, urea plant belt conveyors, powder mixer plant, screw feeders, factory chimney, liquid sulphur vat, steel structures, scrubber equipment, piping and supports for a head transfer plant of a district heating (teleheating) system.

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