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Elevator belts


ELEMET - Steel cord elevator belts

The structure of ELEMET elevator belts is a steel carcass composed by a strong warp of steel cord with suitable elastic modulus such to reach the best compromise between low elongation and good flexibility. This characteristic makes the belt easier to be aligned than traditional steel cord elevator. Furthermore, the cable elasticity allows the use of pulleys with lower diameters, depending on the requirements of clamps and buckets. Two regular steel wefts placed on top and bottom cover give to the belt high transversal stiffness, necessary to assure the best stability during the running; at the same time, it helps the belt for the buckets holding up highly increase cutting and tear resistance. 

ELETEX - Textile elevator belts

Belts designed to be used in bucket elevator plant only. The special construction of the reinforced polyester-nylon fabrics assures the use of such belts also for severe loading requirements. The result are the following: • Polyester warp assures high resistance to heavy working conditions. • Nylon weft guarantees transverse tearing strength and strong bolt holding.

All ELETEX are supplied with cut edges because sintetic fabrics used for their production do not need protection against humidity as they can’t absorbe any liquid. The 2 mm thickness both for top and bottom cover is designed to protect the carcass and at the same time assures the best bucket support without bolt loosening. 

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