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Cast  rolls

GAYSON & COMPANY Pvt Ltd are the export wing of Bharat Roll Industry Pvt Ltd,  manufacturer of CAST ROLLS for steel rolling mills from India.

They have been in the roll making business since 1972.


Their facilities also include Horizontal Centrifugal Casting Machine for making state of the art rolls for various applications (mainly for Hot Strip Mills).

They can make rolls with finished weight from 300 kg to 25000 kg, max. dia. 1600 mm and max length 10000 mm.

The produced rolls almost cover all types of materials that are used in steel rolling mills all over the world, such as alloy steel, adamite, indefinite chilled cast iron, double poured rolls, nodulare pealitic cast iron, nodular acicular cast iron, grafitic steel, high chorme cast iron, HICR steel.

GAYSON & C. export all over the world (USA, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia). Click for reference list