Conveyor chain can be combined, in most cases, with different kind of attachments or brackets. The special steels used in side plates in all FB conveyor chains are well weldable and because of this the attachments can be welded directly to the chains or by screw mounting to welded brackets.


It is preferable for chain to be supplied complete with the attachments, as the welding and handling of greasy chain can often be problematical.


In the factory the attachments are connected to the chain before applying the lubrication resulting in a stronger weld.


Regard has to be made for the space the attachments need on the chain wheel when welding them to the chain. When chain and chain wheels are dimensioned correctly the attachments can in most cases be attached directly on to the upper surface of the side plates of the conveyor chains.


We provide a range of conveyor chains with attachments fitting wood or metal scrapers from stock or on short lead times. Our standard scraper conveyor chain is riveted construction, the link plates are all hardened and tempered and the pins and bushes are case hardened. The chain also features anti-rotation flats on the ends to improve efficiency and minimize wear.

These conveyor chains are designed for medium duty applications and can also be made with welded pins and bushes and higher specification side plate materials for more demanding applications. 


Inno wooden scrapers (also known as flights) are an energy and cost efficient alternative to steel conveyor scrapers.

Inno scrapers are made from multi-laminated beech which, when processed and assembled using thermosettings, weigh one tenth of traditional steel scrapers but are equally as durable.

Inno wooden flights are available in 3 different strengths according to application.

Inno 1000 is recommended for conveying materials with a high water content as it has a low absorption rate.

Inno wooden flights are manufactured for FB Group in Germany but can be supplied globally.

Inno wooden scrapers are suitable for a wide variety of applications including sawmills, cement plants and biomass power plants.

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