One of the most arduous applications for any conveyor chain is working in sawmills and lumber yards. Chain conveyors in sawmills and lumber yards generally receive high shock loads and are subjected to fatigue cracking. Conveyor chains used in this application generally operate in an environment where there is a lot of loose material trying to force the conveyor chain components apart. This loose material gets crushed between the conveyor chain bush and/or conveyor chain roller and the teeth of the sprocket drive.

FB conveyor chain is specifically manufactured to satisfactorily cope with all the diverse and conflicting requirements found in both pulp and paper mills.

FB conveyor chain is specifically designed and manufactured to withstand the stringent requirements of lumber yards and sawmills. FB conveyor chain is manufactured to resist shock loads whilst minimizing wear and maximizing fatigue endurance.

FB conveyor chains are widely used in log infeed conveyors, log sorting conveyors, log turners, sticker and stacker plants, dimension sorting, woodchip handling and lumber handling

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