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Automatic slab tong


Heppenstall Spreader can be supplied in all sizes and configurations to meet all client's requirements.

For operation in cell guides each corner of the spreader has a 300 mm high sliding wear plate.

An electrical motor is used for the drive of the telescopic spreaders. 
Draw bars fitted with cushioning cup springs absorb shock loads and allow adjustments in spreader length.

The range includes telescopic type and non telescopic type, with rotating unit and side-shift function.

The standard suspension assembly is designed to accommodate a standard container crane headblock. If desired, special provisions for other attachments can be made.

Container Spreader equipped with magnetic beam with two or several magnets with a fixed or chain-type suspension.
Mounting of the magnet is to a standard spreader - a unique solution to handle billets, plats, sheets etc. fast and safe.
The magnetic beam is ideally supplied with an integrated power supply unit (PSU). 
Other option for power supply from the carrier vehicle, even hydraulic driven PSU is available to customer’s requirements.
The integrated PSU has a two-time safety factor.

Container spreader with integrated self-contained power-supply unit attached at reach stacker.

Sheet handling magnet attached to a standard container spreader with independent power supply at reach stacker.

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