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CMK Series Hoists

4th generation high quality CMK series electric wire rope hoists are designed for heavy condition that is up to 88t lifting capacity. CMK series electric wire rope hoist have creative mechanical design,  special crane drivers on each motion, high lifting capacity, electronic breaking system and superior security systems.

Standard Features

  • CMK Series electric wire rope hoists are double speed and equipped with inverters for each motion. In addition to this, acceleration and deceleration is done electronically, thus the service life of the brake pads ( brake linings ) are extended to extremes, due to very low wear.

  • With the compact pulley system, CMK hoists are enabled to have increased number of falls without increasing the size of the hoists.

  • Compared to the conventional systems, CMK hoists are equipped with a large diameter rope drum, enabling it to have maximum number of reeving for easily reaching high lifting heights.

  • Thanks to the CMK series hoist’s design, lifting and lowering is done with minimal hook drift, similar to absolute vertical lifting systems.

  • Every part of the CMK hoist can be easily disassembled and lowered to the ground for effective maintenance and part replacement. CMK hoists, in terms of mechanical structure and electrical systems, are designed with the “removable assembly” principle.

  • CMK series hoists are equipped with PTC, Termic, Phase Safe-Guard, Emergency System, Double Layer Top and Bottom Limiter and Electro-Mechanical Overload Systems, thus very reliable and safely operational.

  • Main lifting motor is located inside of the drum thus benefitting from the air tunnel of the drum with enhancing the cooling operation and keeping the optimum heat level of the motor.

  • CMK series hoists are designed to endure severe conditions for years; also its design lowers the maintenance requirement while reducing your maintenance costs.

  • Thanks to the standard electrical systems of the CMK hoists, hoist operator’s commands to the hoist are overridden and corrected thus ensuring correct operation and minimizing wear on mechanical parts. CMK hoists are, as a standard, equipped with special inverters which are applied on lifting/lowering and cross-travel thus increasing the service life and effective operation.

  • Top and bottom hook travel limits have two level (slow down-stop), easily adjustable switch to ensure trouble free operation.

  • In an emergency, users can simply press the emergency stop button, located at the bottom of the push button, to cut the main power of the crane. Also in situation of power surges, CMK hoists will automatically cut the main power to avoid its systems getting damaged.

  • CMK series rope guide ensures the wire rope to tightly roll to the drum and its design minimizes the breakage due to its flexibility.

  • Travel wheels of the hoists are direct driven thus minimizes the wear on travel mechanisms.

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