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IDECO Heavy Equipment is a company providing studies, calculations, drawings and design review of machines and plants.


Stockyard plants machines:

Lateral reclaimers, bridge reclaimers, portal reclaimers, bucket wheel reclaimers, stackers, tripper cars, belt conveyors, shuttle conveyors

Port machines:

Shipunloaders , continuous shipunloaders, shiploaders, belt conveyors, tripper cars

Lifting machines:

quay cranes (hook or grab), container cranes, stacking cranes, RTG cranes, bridge cranes, special machines.



Iron making:

ore and coal stockyards, belt conveyors, piping, Fe-alloy plants.

Steel making:  

EAF, LF, continuous casting, pre-heating furnaces, ladle cars, deslagging stations

Processing lines:

machines and plants for pickling, coating and galvanising lines


Tanks, pressure vessels, pipe steam lines, piperacks, urea plant belt conveyors, powder mixer plant, screw feeders, factory chimney, liquid sulphur vat, steel structures, scrubber equipment, piping and supports for a head transfer plant of a district heating (teleheating) system.

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Reverse Engineering

EinScan Pro HD scanner: Latest generation professional structured-light 3D scanner with Solid Edge 3D Shining CAD software. It can be used in HD and colour, both in portable mode and in a fixed station.

If older components aren't manufactured anymore and no CAD data of the component are available, we can digitize the objects with our 3D scanner and get all data with our TESTING TOOLS:

EinScan Pro HD.jpg

IDECO Mining and Metallurgy is a company providing reverse engineering and surveys.

Digital hardness tester: Through the "Leeb Test" rebound operating principle it is able to detect the hardness of any metal material in a simple and fast way.

Ultrasonic material thickness gauge: Useful for measuring the thickness of plates, pipes, tanks. Ideal for corrosion control.

Roughness tester: For accurate measurement of surface roughness, it can be used on all surfaces. 

Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector: It can quickly, easily and accurately inspect, locate, evaluate and diagnose (cracks, inclusion and pinhole, etc.) through a non-destructive inspection process.

Laser instruments: measurement of linear quantities.

Other instruments: measurement of environmental quantities.

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